Elmwood Nursery School Adapts The Hjalli Model


In 2018 Denise Buins, the founder of Elmwood nursery, sold her business to an Icelandic nursery group, Hjalli Model Education, making Elmwood their first acquisition in the UK.

Hjalli Model is the largest educational firm of its kind in Iceland, having operated nurseries, preschools and schools for over 30 years. Dame Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir, chief executive of Hjalli Model, founded the Hjalli educational model which focuses on issues including democracy, creativity and gender equality. Ms Ólafsdóttir commented, ‘We are very proud to have been chosen from among the many interested parties to take the helm at Elmwood. We aim to cherish and embrace the existing culture of the nursery while at the same time enriching the learning environment with some new and exciting ideas.”

Móey Rúnarsdóttir