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Education and

Our staff team plan the daily learning experiences for all our children following ‘Pre Birth to Three’ for our younger children and the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ for our older children incorporating “How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare”

Elmwood nursery is set in two adjacent houses which make a safe and loving environment for all our wonderful children. The nursery is surrounded by beautiful natural gardens, shaped to create diverse play areas for multiple activities. All learning experiences are planned by our extremely well-trained team to ensure they are varied, stimulating and challenging and above all fun!

The children thrive on the positive relationships between staff, children and parents which help ensure they develop into happy, confident and successful learners.

Communication links between nursery and home are extremely important and these are offered in a variety of ways to ensure that parents are kept informed.

  • Daily communication is, of course, the most important thing and we also encourage parents to ask for a meeting with the child´s group leader or the manager for a discussion whenever they feel needed.

  • Planned parents nights twice per year.

  • In front of each room is an information board for daily updates.

  • Online we have all the practical information and policies as well as the daily menu.

  • We use the usual channels such as emails and monthly newsletters.

  • The profiling system, Learning Journals has been a great success giving parents the opportunity to log on any time, anywhere to catch up on what their child has been learning at nursery.

We want our parents to feel safe in the knowledge that their child is being cared for and educated to the very highest standard when they leave their children to go to work.
— Elmwood Nursery
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Elmwood Nursery’s Focal Points




Getting it Right

In order to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our children we follow the GIRFEC ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ Guidance.

What is Getting it right for every child?

It’s a consistent way for people to work with all children and young people. It’s the bedrock for all children’s services and can also be used by practitioners in adult services who work with parents or carers. The approach helps practitioners focus on what makes a positive difference for children and young people – and how they can act to deliver these improvements. Getting It Right For Every Child is being threaded through all existing policy, practice, strategy and legislation affecting children, young people and their families.

What It Means

for children, young people and their families

  • They will feel confident about the help they are getting

  • They understand what is happening and why

  • They have been listened to carefully and their wishes have been heard and understood

  • They are appropriately involved in discussions and decisions that affect them

  • They can rely on appropriate help being available as soon as possible

  • They will have experienced a more streamlined and co-ordinated response from practitioners

for practitioners

  • Putting the child or young person at the centre and developing a shared understanding within and across agencies

  • Using common tools, language and processes, considering the child or young person as a whole, and promoting closer working where necessary with other practitioners

for managers in children’s and adult services

  • Providing leadership and strategic support to implement the changes in culture, systems and practice required within and across agencies to implement Getting It Right For Every Child

  • Planning for the transition as staff in agencies move from the current working processes to the new child-centred processes


  • We know how busy life is with young children so in order to maintain strong links between home and nursery we offer parents many avenues for communication.   In addition to the usual methods such as emails, newsletters and daily verbal feedback, we have recently introduced an Online Profiling system which allows parents to login anytime, anywhere to a secure site to view their child’s progress and achievements, get a taste of their child's learning experiences at nursery and leave comments if they wish.


Elmwood Curriculum for Excellence

Our staff team plan the daily learning experiences for all our children following ‘Pre Birth to Three’ for our younger children and the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ for our older children incorporating ‘The Child at the Centre 2’ guidelines. This allows us to ensure that the children's experiences are fun, challenging and age appropriate and cover all key areas of the curriculum creating a smooth transition in to Primary 1.

We encourage the children to express their ideas and opinions which are always valued, this assists the children in building a sense of self-worth, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Children have the opportunity to work together in a variety of ways, from working with staff helping plan their learning experiences, or on our Eco Committee or as food critic in a sample group when Chef Debbie is trying new menu ideas to taking on leadership roles such as lunch monitor or playground patroller.